Blue Moon Cabin Photo Gallery

  • cabin1
  • cabin2
  • cabin2-1
  • cabin2-2
  • Cabin3
  • Cabin7
  • Cabin10
  • Cabin13
  • Cabin14
  • Cabin16
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  • Cabin20
  • Cabin22
  • Cabin25
  • Wolf
  • Blue Moon Cabin in summer.
  • Inside Blue Moon Cabin
  • Blue Moon Cabin's Dining Area
  • Another view of Blue Moon Cabin
  • Blue Moon Cabin is to the left; Becca's house (the owner) is to the right.
  • Old mama moose crossing the road near Blue Moon Cabin
  • Blue Moon Cabin's hot tub on the back deck
  • Montana is the land of rainbows
  • Pasque flower in spring
  • More alpine wildflowers in spring
  • Another view of Blue Moon Cabin's setting. Cabin is to the left.
  • Buck just outside of the cabin in autumn
  • Flyfishing on the Yellowstone River
  • Buffalo in Yellowstone National Park
  • Wolf in Yellowstone National Park

Chieko Horn Photography

Chieko Horn Photography


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